What's up with the SNAKE?

Without a doubt, the most often-asked question when we are out cruising.

Our Ocean Alexander trawler, Dreamtime, is named for the part of Australian aboriginal mythology that explains the origins and culture of the land and its people.  The Dreamtime was the "time before time" or "the time of the creation of all things."  It is said that during the Dreamtime, the ancestor spirits dreamed the world into existence.

The "snake" is really the Rainbow Serpent, or waugal.  The Waugal is the ancestor spirit in control of life's most precious resource, water.  The Waugal's tracks are said to have formed Australia's rivers and streams.  (It is interesting to note that, for the most part, the aborigines were not particularly interested in the ocean that surrounds their land.)  Dreamtime's inflatable is named Waugal.

Once we explain all this, the next question is invariably, "What's your connection to Australia?"  The answer?  None!  Well, I have a friend down there that I met through a mutual interest in collecting stamps and we visited Australia back in 1988.  But mostly we just liked the name Dreamtime and everything else flowed from that!