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Charlie and Diane Dreamtime westbound in Johnstone Strait Recording. Charlie with friend and backup singer, Denny, working on the CD. Kwatsi Bay Shawl Bay- trying to keep instruments and equipment out of the pouring rain! Singing with Allyson at Jennis Bay Pierre's at Echo Bay. Friday Happy Hour Pierre's at Echo Bay. Saturday Pig Roast Pierre's at Echo Bay. Saturday Pig Roast Happy Hour at Sullivan Bay - another rainy gig Port Harvey. On the deck for Happy Hour Port Harvey. In the "Red Shoe" restaurant for an evening concert on Canada Day p1060661 p1060693 p1080771 p1080913 p1090614 p1090630 p1090631 p1090710 DSCN0059 p1080774 DSCN0455 DSCN0549 DSCN0595 P1080823 P1080840 P1090144 P1090668 P1090808 P1090890 P1090967 P1100069 pic4c86628aae6b8 pic50c4dae946bff pic51a43a35b5b0c pic51a43626a1c09 pic51b76a25e707a pic506c2e88b6fce pic517d47fef3e85 pic522a388dae32e pic524200d8f3469 descargar lightbox galleryby v5.9