Booking Information

I perform for fun, not necessarily for profit.  I do, however, need to recover expenses, otherwise I end up paying to perform!  I’m not quite THAT desperate!   Expenses, for a musician, include more than just the fuel to get there.  Setting up and tearing down takes a toll on the equipment, strings and picks break, etc.

I reserve the right to decline a gig if I don’t feel it is worth my time and energy.  For example, asking me to drive to Bellingham for “about 10-15 minutes’ worth of songs” would be unacceptable.  Not worth my time or your money!  (If you are trying to figure time vs. music, plan on a song about every 5-6 minutes in a concert setting.)

Gigs generally fall into two categories:

Happy Hour:  I provide unobtrusive background music and don’t expect the audience to pay particularly close attention to what I’m singing.  I usually would not sing any of my own material during such a gig.

Concerts:  A high-energy show that actively engages the audience.  Audience seated, not roaming around with drinks and food.

These two concepts may be combined, depending on the structure of your gathering.  It often works quite well to do the background music during a pre-dinner Happy Hour, then come back as guests are finishing dinner and launch into a concert-type show.

Below are my fees to cover expenses, based on distance from Gig Harbor.

Zone 1  $50

Pierce County
King County south of Seattle city limits
Kitsap County from Bremerton south

Zone 2  $75

Seattle area

Zone 3  $100

Kingston, Hansville area
Bainbridge Island
Jefferson County

Zone 4  $150

Snohomish County
Skagit County
Whatcom County
Clallam County

In addition, Zones 3 & 4 require overnight accommodations for evening gigs. Canadian locations are on an individual basis, but also will include accommodations and reimbursement for ferry fares, if required.  It is understood that I have the right to sell my CDs at all gigs.